Membership FAQs

Q. What are the criteria for CaSSOA awards?
A. All accreditations are awarded using a point structured criteria, this can be discussed with the site surveyor directly at the time of your survey.

In order for you to be considered for a CaSSOA accreditation all sites must have perimeter protection encompassing the entire storage area and the entrance/exit must be protected by lockable gates as a minimum level of security.

All sites must conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A fire risk assessment must have been carried out by a responsible person.

Please note we are unable to provide you with the definitive criteria for each individual accreditation status as each site is assessed on its own merits following a full site survey by our risk surveyor.


Q. Is planning permission required for a caravan storage site?
A. Planning Permission is a condition precedent for membership of CaSSOA. You will need to contact your local authority to obtain full details regarding planning permission.


Q. Is specialist insurance required for storing caravans?
A. Public liability insurance is essential for any caravan storage site.


Q. What are the benefits of becoming a CaSSOA Member?
A. As well as being part of a nationally recognised association, CaSSOA membership offers a unique range of benefits:

  • A CaSSOA accreditation shows a commitment to the security industry
  • Become part of an ever increasing community with membership growing year on year
  • Specialist insurers that may offer your customers discounts for storing their caravan at your storage site
  • Advertising directly on the CaSSOA website with the opportunity to become our featured site
  • Access to our online forum where you can speak directly with other CaSSOA members
  • A CaSSOA award logo for you to display
  • Support from the CaSSOA helpdesk
  • An invitation to the annual meeting where you can meet other members and help shape the future of the association


Q. How do I become a CaSSOA member?
A. To become a CaSSOA member you will need to complete and return one of our self-assessment forms this can be downloaded as part of our Welcome Pack.

Once you have done so we will arrange for our risk surveyor to attend your premises to carry out a full survey. We will then generate your membership based on the report we receive.

For further details regarding membership please contact us on 0843 216 5802 alternatively you can email us at


Q. When/ where do I get my certificate?
A. Once we have received the surveyors’ report we will generate a pro rata invoice, upon receipt of payment we will produce and send your certificate.


Q. Do I have to report incidents to CaSSOA?
A. Yes, as part of the terms and conditions of CaSSOA membership you must report any incident of criminal activity on your premises this includes but is not limited to theft, burglaries, vandalism and any incidents of flooding.

To report an incident please contact CaSSOA on 0843 216 5802 alternatively you can email us at