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  • What are the benefits of a CaSSOA site?

    CaSSOA sites are known for their superior levels of security, and are statistically proven to keep your caravan safer than if it were stored on your driveway. In addition, because of this higher level of security, you may be eligible for a discount on your caravan insurance if you store on a CaSSOA site.

  • What is the difference between Associate Ungraded, Silver, Gold & Platinum?

    Associate Ungraded, Silver, Gold and Platinum accreditation is based upon points awarded for each of the following elements. The more points accrued, the higher the accreditation.

    • Perimeter protection
    • Access control
    • CCTV or other surveillance
    • Intruder Alarm System
    • Security Lighting
    • Is there 24 hour occupancy onsite?
    • Site Administration and on-site services
    • Has a Fire Risk Assessment been undertaken to conform with the Regulatory Fire Safety Order (2005)?
    • Automatic fire or smoke alarm systems?
    • Are the fire alarm systems monitored remotely?
    • Are Service Maintenance Agreements in place?
    • Fire Extinguishers/Hose Reels/Additional water supplies (hydrants/storage vessels etc)

    When our surveyor visits a site, the overall award will be determined by these factors, along with the site location.

  • How often are CaSSOA sites surveyed?

    CaSSOA sites are surveyed every 3-5 years, unless there is a security concern which warrants an additional visit.

  • Where is my nearest CaSSOA caravan storage site?

    There are over 450 CaSSOA accredited storage sites across the country. Click here to locate the closest one to you.

  • Do you have any vacancies for my caravan?

    You will need to contact sites directly to enquire whether there are any spaces available.

  • How much does caravan storage cost?

    The site fees will be influenced by the quality of the site, its geographical location, and the economics of the area. On average, a year’s storage for a single axle caravan will be around £350.00.

    Undercover storage will usually generate a higher fee, and twin axle caravans are usually larger and therefore can also attract a higher fee.

    *Representative costs based on sample data taken from various CaSSOA storage facilities across the UK. Price is based on average yearly cost for the storage of a single axle caravan. Prices will vary from site to site depending on location and security level awarded.

  • When can I access my caravan?

    Access arrangements will vary from site to site. Some caravan storage sites will open 9am – 5pm for example, with longer opening times during the summer months. Some sites may require you to make an appointment to collect your caravan, and will bring your tourer out from its storage plot into a holding area ready for you. Please contact individual sites for more information.

  • Can you store my static caravan?

    Generally, CaSSOA sites store caravans and motorhomes. However, some may have space available for larger vehicles such as static caravans. Please contact sites directly.

  • How much will it cost to store my caravan?

    Site fees will vary across the country, but on average, a year’s storage for a single axle caravan will be around £350.00*. Undercover storage, and storage for larger vehicles will usually cost more.

  • What is the recommended distance between caravans whilst in storage?

    CaSSOA recommends that the distance between caravans (tow bar to tow bar) is 3.5 meters. However, this may vary, especially in indoor storage. Whilst this spacing distance is suggested, it is not a mandatory requirement for CaSSOA accreditation.

  • Do I need to have insurance for my caravan whilst it is in storage?

    It is highly recommended that your caravan is covered by insurance whilst in storage. Usually, the site will have Public Liability Insurance to cover issues like fire and flooding, but this might not extend to accidental damage or theft.

    CaSSOA Caravan Protector insurance is available to customers who store their caravan or motorhome on a CaSSOA site. This is exclusive to CaSSOA site storage customers, offering flexible, competitive caravan insurance with no excess, accidental damage and legal expenses cover included as standard.

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