Fire Safety

CaSSOA highly recommends that members complete a Fire Risk Assessment.

Fire Safety law requires every site to have a “Responsible person (RP)”.  The RP has a duty to review the site and plan/prepare for escape in case of emergencies - this review is called a fire risk assessment. Recent changes to fire safety regulations, as a result of the Grenfell fire, now make the RP role more onerous.

Previously, there was a requirement to record only significant findings in a fire risk assessment in buildings that had five or more employees. This is no longer the case. 

All Responsible Persons must now record all findings from their fire risk assessment, regardless of the size or purpose of the premises.

We have identified the zero2five20 approach to fire safety and can now provide CaSSOA members with a site fire capability assessment template as part of your membership. 


Please complete and retain a copy of the assessment for your records.
CaSSOA would also request that a copy be sent to us at

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