CRiS Checks

As a CaSSOA member, if you have concerns about the ownership of a caravan or want to confirm who the registered owner of a caravan on your site is, you will now be able to get a CRiS check for free.

CRiS is the National Register of UK touring caravan keepers, similar to the DVLA and is recognised by the regulatory bodies, insurance companies and government organisations such as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Department for Transport (DFT).

A CRiS Check will provide you with a comprehensive history check on any touring caravan using the 17 digit VIN.

The check includes:-
If a caravan has been reported as stolen
If it has been recorded with outstanding finance
If it has been written off by an insurance company
If it is registered to a keeper (if you have their name, we can confirm this)

If you would like a free CRiS check for any caravan at your storage site, please contact Rebecca Marriott at CaSSOA -

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