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Each month we feature a different CaSSOA site, to highlight one of over 450 CaSSOA accredited storage facilities across the UK.

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There are over 450 registered CaSSOA sites across the country, so if this month’s featured site isn’t what you’re looking for, simply visit our site locator to find one near you.

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CaSSOA awards four levels of security based on a number of features including CCTV, entry points, perimeter fencing and alarm systems. With a CaSSOA registered storage site, you can be confident that your caravan or motorhome will be kept safe and secure.
What does each security level mean?

CaSSOA awards four levels of security based upon the following criteria:

Associate Ungraded
The Associate Ungraded Award is our entry level accreditation. These sites will have basic facilities and will be working to improve security to achieve Silver.
The Silver Award offers enhanced security standards such as CCTV and site monitoring, in addition to perimeter protection and lockable gates.
The Gold Award demonstrates higher levels of security, with features including electronic access systems, number plate recognition and alarm systems.
The Platinum Award is the highest level awarded to CaSSOA sites and demonstrates superior levels of security including BS Standard protection, externally monitoring systems, asset tagging and full CCTV coverage.

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