Caravan Sites in Spain

If you fancy venturing further afield in your caravan this year, we’ve put together some Spanish inspiration for you! Whether you’re after a city break in Madrid or Barcelona, or a beach break at one of the many coastal destinations, Spain has plenty of options.

First things first, here are some things you should be aware of when travelling to Spain.

  • If there’s a solid white line in the centre of the road, it means you can’t overtake. This line cannot be crossed to turn left. You’ll need to continue to a ‘cambio de sentido’ (change of direction) sign to turn.
  • Many roads have a single white link on the near side. This is for pedestrians & cyclists, and shouldn’t be used as a hard shoulder.
  • Taking your pet. Firstly, check if the site you’re staying at accepts pets. Then if you can, you’ll need an Animal Health Certificate. A vet should issue this certificate within 10 days of your travel date.
  • You may find that Spanish campsites have lower amps than those in the UK – 3 to 10 rather than the usual 16amps. This just means that you won’t be able to run as many electrical items at once.
  • If you use Calor gas, you won’t be able to refill them outside the UK. Campingaz is used instead, so if you do need to refill, you’ll need a Campingaz adaptor/regulator.

And now the sites.....


Combine the city and the coast with a visit to Villa Nova Park near Barcelona.

  • Open all year
  • On-site restaurant & bar
  • Swimming pool, gym & sauna
  • Public transport links to Barcelona (45km)
  • Bike hire / Playground / Daytime & Evening entertainment
  • Dogs allowed

Just outside of Madrid, in central Spain is Madrid Arco Iris

  • Open all year
  • On-site resatuant, bar & shop
  • Swimming pool, playground, tennis
  • Dogs allowed
  • 15km from Madrid

UNESCO city of Cáceres in the South West of Spain, close to the Portuguese border – Camping Caceres

  • On-site restaurant & bar
  • 3 swimming pools
  • Play area & social lounge
  • 5 minutes away from Caceres.

Only 12 minutes into Valencia on the East coast - Camping Valencia Playa de Pucol

  • 3 swimming pools
  • On-site restaurant & bar / BBQ area / Shop
  • Playground
  • Tennis court, gym, table tennis
  • Pets allowed in low season
caravan sites in spain

Clockwise from top left: Camping Bayona, Camping Caceres, Camping Almayate Costa, Camping Valencia Playa de Pucol, Vilanova Park, Camping Madrid Arco Iris, Campsite La Buganvilla, Camping Lo Monte.


North eastern coast of Spain, near the Portuguese boarder – Camping Bayona

  • Swimming pool
  • Entertainment
  • Sports facilities
  • Playground
  • On-site restaurant, bar & shop
  • Dogs allowed
  • Direct beech access

Close to Malaga on the South coast Camping Almayate Costa

  • Direct beach access
  • Bus stop to Malaga 400m from site (30km)
  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • On-site restaurant, shop & bar
  • Dogs allowed in low season

On the South East coast, close to Murcia - Camping Lo Monte

  • 1km from beach
  • Swimming pool, spa & gum
  • Bowls, tennis courts & football pitch
  • On-site restaurant, bar & shop
  • Playground
  • 5km from Alicante

Located on the Costa del Sol, between Marbella and Malaga – Campsite La Buganvilla

  • 700m from the beach
  • Swimming pool
  • On-site restaurant & bar
  • Bus to Marbella at site entrance (40km)
  • Shop nearby
  • Open all year
  • Dogs allowed

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