All-Year Round Off Grid Lighting

Kight Off-Grid specialises in innovative hybrid solar and wind, fully autonomous, lighting solutions which are be best in class, offering many unique commercial and technical advantages all of which benefit the environment and you!

Kight Off Grid solutions:
  • Silent and clean with no emissions
  • Easy and quick to install with no infrastructure required
  • Generate green energy for zonal lighting or multiple sign lights
  • Take existing zonal lighting off-grid
  • Fully monitored and controlled via our private network
  • Zero running costs
  • No loss of battery efficiency in sub-zero conditions
  • Long life battery; 20 years plus

solar lighting solutions

Issues with other off-grid solutions:

  • Batteries have a limited life cycle. Optimum efficiency difficult to meet in hire sector. Inevitably batteries need replacing regularly.
  • Well documented issues with lithium batteries (over heating/fire). Major risk to business and clients.
  • Not good for cold weather - lithium ion doesn’t accept charge in below zero temperatures.
  • Cannot provide all year round power due to low light levels in winter month.

Head over to Kight Off Grid for more information.

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