Vermin Proof your Caravan

Prepare your caravan for long term storage to prevent vermin damage.

Caravan Magazine talks us through some top tips for keeping your caravan safe from rodents.

Mice can squeeze through tiny gaps including the plastic vents and gas drop-outs under your caravans. And if they don’t fit, they can gnaw through them.

Without blocking your vents (it’s dangerous), cover them with a piece of fine metal mesh, chicken wire doubled over, or a metallic pan scrubber, stapled firmly in place. Don’t bother filling gaps with expanding foam, mice seem to particularly love chewing through that. It’s like a mouse Crunchie bar!

  • Flush a strong detergent down your sink plug hole, as mice can be attracted to bits of food that go down the waste pipe.
  • At either side of your front locker there are usually gaps leading up the hollow pillars and into the caravan. Block these with some scrunched-up fine wire mesh netting.
  • Investigate the floor of your caravan for any tiny holes or gaps, and make sure all are properly filled.
  • Seal around all cable holes in the floor with a good quality silicone sealant.
  • Don’t leave food (human or pet) in the caravan.
  • Clean the fridge and bins thoroughly.
  • The strong smell of a used barbecue will attract mice and rats. Don’t store one in your caravan. If you do, keep it spotlessly clean.
  • Remove potential nesting materials from your caravan. Consider storing expensive sofa cushions and mattresses at home over winter.
  • Vacuum your caravan before storing it, to remove almost-invisible crumbs of food.

Storing Your Caravan

  • Caravans on hard-standing are less likely to get infested than those on grass. Mice avoid areas where they are exposed such as bare hard-standings.
  • Farm storage locations are likely to have more rodents around than other options.
  • Don't give rodents an easy route into your caravan. Even sagging caravan covers can provide access.
  • Mice find their way to food and shelter by following trails of mouse urine. Consider spraying your corner steadies, tyres and jockey wheel with a Jeyes Fluid solution to eradicate these trails.
  • One option is to remove your caravan's wheels and replace them with axle-stands or 'winter wheels' when storing it through the winter. This makes the van more secure, prevents tyre damage and makes it trickier for mice to get up to the chassis.
  • Certain scents are believed to repel mice. These include tumble-dryer sheets and mothballs.
  • Check with your caravan storage site to make sure they have a vermin control regime in place.

For more advice on preparing your caravan for storage click here.

Thank you to Caravan Magazine for this feature.

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