Tips for Caravan Storage Site Owners

Part 2 - Administration

In part one of our Top Tips for Site Owners, we looked at security aspects to consider when setting up a caravan storage site. In part 2 we will look at the administrative elements to think about.

An efficient administration system that complements security aspects will ensure that a site runs smoothly.

Caravan Storage Records

Accurate records should be kept of all plot holders and should be updated as and when necessary. All details provided should, wherever possible, be verified either by driving license or passport.

If possible, ask for evidence of address such as a utility bill.

Insurance Details

The caravan owner’s insurance documents should be requested prior to a storage contract being exchanged. Check that the insurance will be valid for the term of the storage contract, and that it applies to the caravan or motorhome being stored.

Where applicable, make sure that the CRiS reference number on the caravan matches that on the insurance documents.

Damage Description

When a caravan first arrives onto the site it should be examined and any damage noted on a damage description form, which should be signed by the caravan owner and the site owner.

Ideally a check should be made each time the caravan is returned.

Site Fees

Site fees will be influenced by the quality of the site, its geographical location, and the economics of the area. On average, a year’s storage for a single axle caravan will be around £350.00*.

Undercover storage will usually generate a higher fee, and twin axle caravans are usually larger and therefore can also attract a higher fee.

*Representative costs based on sample data taken from Bronze, Silver & Gold CaSSOA storage facilities across the UK. Price is based on average yearly cost for the storage of a single axle caravan. Prices will vary from site to site depending on location and security level awarded.

Business Rates

As a business you will be required to pay business rates and the amount will be determined by the rateable value of the property. For more data on business rates check the Valuation Office Agency.


If the gross income from the site exceeds the current threshold of £82,000 then it is likely that VAT will have to be paid at the standard rate of 20%.

Storage Contract

A written contract is strongly recommended, as in the event of a dispute it can be invaluable.

All contracts must be fair and reasonable in their terms, and meet the requirements of Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1999.

Terms must also be in plain language and if not, the interpretation which favours the consumer will apply. Site owners need to be aware that plot holders may take advantage of a site where there is no written contract.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential when the nature of the business allows people onto the site for a specific purpose.

There will always be the potential for an accident, and therefore insurance should be in place for such eventualities.

For more information, please download the CaSSOA Guide to Secure Caravan Storage.

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