Should you drink alcohol in your motorhome?

How many times have you fancied a cheeky pint or glass of wine whilst parked up for the night in  your motorhome (or even caravan)?

Well, you may want to give a bit of thought to your decision, as if you're found over the alcohol legal limit in charge of a vehicle, it may be a chargable offence!

Now, these may not be straight forward scenarios, so the advice is therefore general and if in doubt, don't drink alcohol in any motorised vehicle including motorhome, hitched caravan or fifth wheel-connected vehicle.

Technically it is an offence to be 'in charge of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol over UK limits'   – so being drunk with keys in your pocket you are still technically in charge of the vehicle.

However, it is a defence to state that you did not have any intention to drive the vehicle whilst drunk in the context of being parked up with your motorhome - caravan hitched to a vehicle or fifth wheel.   It will be up to the Police Officer’s decision on whether they are happy with the defence at the time (ie, you did not have the keys in the vehicle, you were using it to sleep etc) on what their decision is at the time. If you are in a Caravan asleep, this would be seen as a good defence to the offence,  but again this would be after clarification of the evidence in front of the Officer at the time or the courts if arrested and charged.

If parked in a lay bye - or a pub car park or public car perk or roadside - the Police do have the power to breathalyse and if over the level level do have the power to charge that person and confiscate the vehicles.

'Over the prescribed legal limit to be in charge of a vehicle' would probably be brought in by the Police if they believe an offence has been committed - so as to prove that they could breathalyse the person or persons in charge of the vehicle. Intent to drive is also an area to be considered if over the UK limit.

All a little bit ambiguous, as most of the law is unfortunately, but 'being responsible' is the only real option to avoid what could be a long drawn-out process if accused.

Google has many written articles if challenged simply as 'Can I drink if parked in my caravan or motorhome' but all answers say 'don't' unless on a campsite - private land and understand the time it takes for alcohol to fall below  UK limits in your body/blood to operate a vehicle, not forgetting different rules different Countries.

Any what about biking?

Pedal cycling from the pub can still be an arrestable offence! If you're over the legal limit as still in charge of a vehicle.


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