Protect My Asset Trackers

CaSSOA can recommend Protect My Asset trackers as a way to look after your customers' caravan or motorhome in the event of theft.

For only a few pence per day Protect My Asset trackers can give your customers peace of mind, and even reduce insurance premiums.

Protect My Asset use the CanTrack Protect system, which is specialist hardware and service that recovers vehicles and stolen assets if stolen.

Unlike the majority of tracking systems in the UK, the CanTrack Protect system:

  • is not wired in so thieves can't trace the wiring
  • has a battery life of up to 5 years
  • can be installed and hidden anywhere in the vehicle
  • contains anti-jamming technology
  • operates in stealth mode giving thieves no signals to locate it
  • contains built in homing beacon allowing a vehicle to be found even if in a building or shipping container
  • only tracking system backed by a dedicated investigations unit of ex-Police officers
  • Thatcham and Secured By Design approved
  • 93% recovery rate

Visit the Protect My Asset website for more information

All you need to do is tell your customers about Protect My Asset trackers, and for each purchased, you'll receive £30!

Contact for more information.

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