NOMAD Solar Charging for Caravans

Do you caravan off-grid, or want to protect your leisure battery during downtime? Then the NOMAD solution is for you!


nomad solar charging


NOMAD is a UK based solar solution company and is part of TRAILAR, the multi-award-winning start-up from the world's largest logistic company DHL. TRAILAR use solar technology on trucks, buses, vans and refuse trucks to reduce fuel and emissions.

This same industry leading expertise and technology is now available for caravan and motorhome owners!

NOMAD offer a range of different Solar Kits via the website, with both trickle charge and dual charge systems available for different wattage kits.

With the mats only 3mm thin, they are also incredibly lightweight (5.5KG), flexible and aesthetically more appealing than standard mono-crystalline panels. Each mat comes standard with a peel and stick adhesive backing, making the installation less invasive and as simple as applying a sticker. Even if your roof is curved, the flexible mats will easily fix to an aerodynamically shaped roof, with no need to find a flat space.

nomad solar charging

Systems are set up to allow for constant and regulated charging meaning batteries are always topped up, and the maintenance of the batteries is improved through regulated/trickle charging.

The dual-charge systems are for motorhomes and campervans, as they provide energy back into the vehicle battery as well as the leisure battery. This allows for better maintenance of the vehicle battery, no flat battery incidents, and fuel-saving too, as the vehicle alternator works less.

NOMAD also offer options to pay for a professional fitting, which is completed by their own engineers or AWS engineers.

So if you're looking to increase your off-grid capabilities or protect your vehicle battery during downtime, NOMAD is the team for you.

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