My Caravan – Interview with Rolling with the Robsons

Rolling with the Robsons are a family of 5 from the North East who love to spend with caravanning and are keen to encourage other families to do the same. Lets find out about Paul and his family:

Do you have a caravan or motorhome?

We own a 2017 Bailey Palermo caravan which is a 5 berth and has fixed bunks on the off side and the bathroom at the back.


When did you start caravanning/motorhoming?

We started caravanning in July 2016 after I passed my B + E test. My parents owned a caravan but I was too old at the time to go with them. We wanted to make more time for family time and freedom.


Where is your favourite place to go?

Our favourite place to go is along the Northumberland coast to small CLs up there which are close to the beach. You get vast stretches of sandy beaches but not that many people using them. This is great for the current situation where we are required to socially distance ourselves from others. If it’s not in Northumberland then often we can be found in North Yorkshire.


What do you like most about caravanning/motorhoming?

We love being able to spend quality family time with my wife and the girls. It allows us to relax and get away from daily work. We get to see a wide range of different locations and have a great deal of choice. Since it’s our own caravan we can choose what to take with us that will be useful for the family. With a caravan you can be a bit more spontaneous with when to go away.


What do you like least?

Like many people leaving a site is the worst part, I would really like to be full-time in a van but that's not an option for now. Sometimes it can be a challenge when things going wrong often by user error as well. If we do go to a site with no toilets, having to empty the toilet twice a day can be a bit of a chore. 


What is the piece of kit you can’t do without?

The motormover on our caravan, as otherwise, we would be having arguments about getting the van onto a tight pitch. It takes away a great deal of stress having to reverse the van into the right place.


What is the best piece of advice you could give someone thinking about buying a caravan/motorhome?

Life is for living, yes it can be an expensive hobby at first but once you start and get into it you will never want to go back to normal holidaying.


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