My Caravan – Interview with Richard Easy (Legs Down)

Richard Easy is a school minibus driver who has a fantastic website, YouTube channel, as well as being on Facebook and Twitter. As well as lots of site reviews and route and arrival videos, there's plenty of travel inspiration, product reviews and stories. Let's find out more...

Do you have a caravan or motorhome?

I have a caravan – a 2007 Coachman VIP 520/4 – Patsy 2 – which I’ve had for seven years, it was our second van, the first being a 2004 Coachman Pastiche 460/2 – Patsy 1 – which we bought in
2012 when we started caravanning, and kept for two years. As long as Patsy 2 stays sound I have no which to change her for a younger model!


Where is your favourite place to go?

The North-East of England has been a favourite area for some time. Favourite sites are Berwick and Old Hartley Caravan & Motorhome Club sites – both with great sea views.

What do you like most about caravanning/motorhoming?

The caravan is my little home from home. I can stay on a site 4 miles from home and still feel ‘away’ but I also enjoy the freedom it gives compared to say B & B’s or hotels – not tied to meal times and so on. Whilst it’s not a cheap hobby you can stay away longer and really explore and get to know an area. I’ve seen so much more of Britain since I’ve had a caravan.

What do you like least?

After nine years I still get nervous about towing, particularly to somewhere new and now that I’m on my own there’s no-one to share the driving with so it’s more tiring.

What is the piece of kit you can’t do without?

Bottle opener! Seriously, the motor mover has been invaluable – essential in fact in getting ‘nose-in’ on to some pitches to enjoy the best of the views. Makes things a lot easier getting Patsy in and out of her storage space too.


What is the best piece of advice you could give someone thinking about buying a caravan/motorhome?

Do it! But do your research. Take plenty of time to look around dealers looking at different layouts – there are so many – and think what would work for you both now and in the future.

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