My Caravan – Interview with Caravan Vlogger

Next in our series of interviews is Caravan Vlogger. Graham and his wife Mandy have been caravanning since 2006 and have some great content on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as their own website.

Do you have a caravan or motorhome?

We have a caravan.

What make/model do you have?

It's a Swift Challenger 650

When did you start caravanning/motorhoming?

We started caravanning in 2006. We'd previously done the normal going to the airport, flying for hours etc, but this started to get more and more stressful. More security checks, longer waiting around and just too many people.

Where is your favourite place to go?

South of France. I know it's not for everyone, it is a long way to go, it's about 17 hours from Cailas, however, for us the journey is all part of the holiday. It also (almost) guarantees us sun!

What do you like most about caravanning?

For us, the best thing about it is that wherever we go, we always have our home with us. We could be in Brighton or on the mediterranean coast, we still have all our home comforts. We don't need to worry about how many people have slept in the Hotel bed, or what the food will be like...

What do you like least?

I'll have to say the weather, especially if it's raining when we pull up on site, or when we're leaving

What is the piece of kit you can’t do without?

Cordless drill. Obviously for putting the stays up and down, but also screwing in awning pegs. I would have said the toilet, but that's not really a piece of kit as such. But it's essential during the long haul to the South of France. Did I mention that we go there?

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone thinking about buying a caravan/motorhome?

Well, obviously subscribe to my YouTube channel and read the excellent articles on my website. Other than that, think carefully about the caravan layout. Especially if you're considering not having a fixed bed. Take it from me, making up a bed everyday is a real pain, even though you might be tempted to think that you get more space not having a fixed bed.

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