Motorhome Depot

Help your customers sell their motorhome.
CaSSOA is pleased to bring you our newest partnership with Motorhome Depot.

Motorhome Depot are now offering commission to CaSSOA members who successfully refer customers to sell their leisure vehicle through the Motorhome Depot franchise network.

Please note Motorhome Depot acknowledges that brokerage and SOR type referrals may not be suitable whilst customers are using CaSSOA storage services, since this would incur unauthorised visitors or promote removing paying storage customers from your sites. Therefore, it is only suitable to propose this when a customer has given notice to leave their member site.

There are three referral options to offer which differ slightly on when the commission will be paid.

(1) Cash purchase – this is relatively quick, and commission will be paid immediately after the purchase.

(2) Brokerage and Sale or Return (SOR) – referring a customer for “on the drive brokerage” operating in the same capacity as an estate agent or SOR, which is where a leisure vehicle can be left on a dealer forecourt and sold on a private sale basis. Both brokerage and SOR referral commissions will be paid upon the successful sale of the referred motorhome due to customers having the option to cancel their sales contract.

Commission Available: 

  • Cash purchase: £650 upon completion of cash purchase from CaSSOA referral
  • Brokerage: £200 upon completion of sale resulted from CaSSOA referral
  • Sale or Return: £400 upon completion of sale resulted from CaSSOA referral.

With permission, leaflets/banners can be supplied to any interest members wanting to take part in this synergy. Motorhome Depot Head Office will manage their accounts will see that the members are rewarded on an ad hoc basis

We propose using a simple “where did you hear about us” method for capturing information of each referral, so please don’t forget to give your name and site/membership number!

Your point of contact at Motorhome Depot H/O is Ashley Ford who will initially pilot this and Ash is happy for you to get in touch regarding the above either via email or by calling directly on: 07506151863.



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