Motorhome Depot – The Easy, Secure Way to Sell Your Motorhome or Caravan

When it comes to selling your motorhome or caravan, most owners have the same wish list:

Get the best price, with a secure transaction, as easily as possible.

Here’s how Motorhome Depot does that for you.

To start with Motorhome Depot does all of the work for you – just like an estate agent, your local broker comes to see you and takes full details with lots of images. Your motorhome is then advertised (at no cost to you) on a number of websites including their own, Autotrader and Ebay. Your broker handles the enquiries, shows people over your motorhome or caravan and negotiates on your behalf. All of this is done on a no sale, no fee basis.

Crucially, when a sale is agreed, your broker is there on handover day to manage the finances and make sure the money is in your bank before you release the keys. In this way, the Motorhome Depot process is totally secure.

Motorhome Depot claims to get customers a better selling price than via any other route i.e. part exchange, private sale or to an online buying company.

Thousands of Trustpilot reviews certainly support this:

"When I decided to sell my motorhome, I wanted to use a company to take care of it all for me. A gentleman called Mike came out to see me, Mike gave me a valuation that was £2000 more than a part exchange. Mike explained the process to me very carefully and clearly. Mike handled everything and there was no worries for me. Motorhome Depot handled everything. The whole experience was exceptional and professional. I would recommend anyone wishing to sell a motorhome to use Motorhome Depot." Eddie Jones.

A number of Cassoa sites are partnered with Motorhome Depot. This means that should you ever wish to sell your motorhome or caravan while it is on the Cassoa site, it can all be done by Motorhome Depot without you having to move your vehicle – simple!

Click Motorhome Depot for more information on the easy, secure way to sell your motorhome or caravan.



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