How To Make Money From Your Caravan

Buying a caravan or motorhome is a lifestyle choice and investment for many owners. For some, it is a home that can travel with you and makes an array of planned and impromptu trips a reality.

But for some individuals, after the purchase they find themselves using their caravan or motorhome much less than first anticipated and when considering the costs of maintenance, storage and insurance, the possibility of selling does seem a viable option.

But before you make that move, why not think about hiring it out?

Hiring out to trusted hirers can be a great option for any owner wanting to earn some extra money whilst they aren’t using their caravan or motorhome. It is estimated that some owners only use their caravan or motorhome for just eight weeks of the year, so for the additional 44, why not consider hiring it out?

Benefits of hiring your caravan or motorhome

  • Money – The amount is dependent on a number of factors i.e. how often you are willing to hire your caravan or motorhome, but you can then use the money however you see fit and it could potentially help towards maintenance and storage costs for your caravan or motorhome
  • Hiring caravans and motorhomes could become a business within itself - You could build up to a larger fleet and earn more from hiring multiple caravan or motorhomes at the same time
  • You give others the opportunity to experience the joys of camping
  • You get to meet new people

Things to consider

  • Hire insurance - You need to make sure that along with your comprehensive insurance you have the adequate cover for hiring it out to other people for their use
  • Other people – Not everyone will be pleased at the thought of other people in their caravan or motorhome
  • Damage – There is always a risk that your caravan or motorhome won’t come back in the same condition that you hired it out in
  • Marketing effort and costs - To make sure you get some interest in your caravan or motorhome you really have to think about putting some time, effort and money behind marketing it out to the general public. Choosing the right audience and putting your caravan or motorhome in front of them, at the right time and in the right place, can be trickier than you think!

How to minimise effort and maximise opportunity?

If you want to make the most out of hiring out your caravan or motorhome, you can attempt to alleviate some of the above risks by working with a reputable and trusted third-party platform with all the bells and whistles.

When choosing a trusted third-party platform you need to ensure that you are happy with what they provide, that if you need it, they have the right insurance options for you and that you have a level of control that is right for you.

Camplify UK is one such platform that can assist you with all of these considerations!

Why choose to hire out through Camplify UK

Camplify are the fastest growing peer-to-peer caravan and motorhome sharing platform designed specifically for owners of caravan, campervans, motorhomes and trailer tents. Through our service, we connect you with hirers looking to spend their holidays and breaks in other people’s caravans or motorhomes. We look after everything from marketing to payments and insurance so that you don’t have to worry about all the time and effort that goes into hiring out.

  • It is FREE to list your caravan or motorhome with us
  • A full hire insurance solution is available
  • RAC breakdown cover is included with every hire
  • We can help you calculate what to charge your guests. Try our online calculator for a rough guide of what you could charge holidaymakers
  • Our platform allows you to talk to guests interested in hiring your caravan or motorhome – you’re in control and can opt to approve or decline each hire
  • We hold a £1,000 pre-authorised security deposit from all holidaymakers at the time of booking, to cover any minor damages if they happen whilst out on hire – anything over that is covered by the insurance so you’re not out of pocket
  • Give you tips and guides on caravan and motorhome hire that you can refer to time and time again
  • Inspire holidaymakers with our blogs and guides about locations all over the UK
  • An ongoing customer service

Whether you want to list your caravan or motorhome with us or just need some advice to help you decide what is best for you, we’re here to help.

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