Help, I Need Caravan Storage!

Let’s set the scene.

You’ve just become the proud owner of the caravan or motorhome you’ve been after for ages and you’re super excited to enjoy all the holidays ahead of you.

But, you’ve just discovered that you’re unable to keep it on your driveway. What a disaster!

What are you going to do?

A quick Google search for “caravan storage” brings up plenty of options in your area, and you most likely choose the cheapest option with availability.

Let’s discuss why this may not be the best option.

Has this cheapest caravan storage site made the necessary investment in security to properly make sure your pride and joy will be kept safe? Or, is their business plan to undercut more costly storage sites and cram in as many caravans as possible with minimal consideration to keeping them safe.

One scenario is that you’ve just spent £20,000 on a caravan and go for the cheapest (inferior) caravan storage at £250.00 per year. There probably isn’t full perimeter fencing, no alarm systems, and minimal CCTV coverage. As a proportion of your caravan’s value, that’s 1.25%. Why spend that much on a caravan if you’re going to spend that little on making sure it’s safe when you’re not using it?

The next scenario is that you find a Gold CaSSOA storage site. It’s likely to have full perimeter protection, 24/7 monitoring, electronic access control and more. The cost is £600.00 per year. That works out at 3% of the value of your caravan. As it’s a Gold site, you’ll most likely get a discount on your insurance given that thefts are less likely at accredited CaSSOA sites, and you know that the site has been inspected regularly to make sure security is up to standard.

Now that extra £250 doesn’t seem so unreasonable does it!?

Why take a gamble and risk damage to, theft from, or theft of your caravan when by investing a little more on storage, you can protect yourself significantly more.


There are over 450 CaSSOA storage sites across the country, all surveyed to ensure they meet our high standards of security and protection from theft. Simply enter your postcode to Find A Site.


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