Gifts for Caravan Lovers

iBoost Pro D8 Directional System


When so many things rely on an internet signal these days it makes sense to make sure you have a reliable connection. This WiFi booster claims to enhance the externally available WiFi signal and repeats that signal at full strength inside your caravan. You’ll be able to connect your  laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone all at the same time, all wirelessly.

Vango Long Peg Puller 


A nice little stocking filler here. The Vango Long Peg Extractor makes taking pegs out of the ground effortless so there’ll be no back strains or injured fingers.

Scrubba Wash Bag - Canva Image
Clean your clothes anywhere with the Scrubba Wash Bag

Tefal Toast N' Egg


When space is at a premium this nifty gadget comes into its own. In just 4 minutes you could have toast and your choice of poached or hard boiled eggs on the table. What's not to love!

Scrubba Portable Washing Machine


We think this is great. When you don’t want to rely on campsite facilities, the Scrubba wash bag enables you to wash your clothes in just 30 seconds without any spilled water or wet hands. Just add your clothes, water and detergent to the bag, seal, then gentle ‘mungle’.

E&P Caravan Levelling System

From around £2500

Forget messing around with caravan jacks, drills or wedges. This levelling system puts your caravan in a horizontal position at the push of a button in under 2 minutes. This is a pricey one but perhaps a good investment and with all that time saved, you could be sat enjoying the scenery even sooner.

Caravan Gift Lego
The perfect gift for kids and big kid alike - Caravan Lego.

LEGO City Van & Caravan


One for the kids here – and perhaps the big kids too! Lego has some great caravan themed sets available – great for caravan lovers of any age.

Poweradd Pilot Portable Power Bank


Charge your phone, tablet or other portable device when you haven’t got mains power. This little gem can charge an iPhone up to 6 times without needing re-charging. Definitely a good buy when you’re outdoors and can’t rely on mains power.

Hubi Solar Charging Unit


Use the sun to provide power and light when you’re away in your caravan. Don’t worry, it collects daylight too so you don’t need to rely on the great British weather!

This solar panel Hubi system collects light and converts it into DC electricity which is then stored ready for use to power your smart phone, tablet, TV, laptop, lights and more.

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