Eco-Friendly Caravanning

It’s safe to say that we should all be attempting to become more eco-friendly and live more sustainably. This shouldn’t just apply to when you’re at home or work. We’ve got some advice to help you make your caravan or motorhome holidays better for the environment.

It would make sense to say that caravanning holidays reduce the need for air travel and if you’re staying in England, the ferry too, therefore saving tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution every year.

Buying a Caravan

If you’re new to caravanning, why not consider buying second hand. Save a pre-used caravan from the scrapheap; it’ll still have plenty of life left in it, and it’ll cost you significantly less than buying new.

If you’re buying new, choosing a lightweight model will mean you’ll use less fuel to tow it, whilst effective insulation will help to reduce the need for air-con in summer and heating in winter.

Try Solar Power

Solar panels can be easily fitted to your caravan roof. Using sunlight, they can then charge your caravan’s batteries when no mains hook up is available.

There are many solar powered products which you could switch to: lights, speakers, toothbrushes, cookers, and even showers!

Rather than using electric chargers for your mobile devices, try solar powered alternatives. You can pick these up online from as little as £30.00 from retailers like Amazon and Mobile Solar Chargers.

Plastic, Plastic, Plastic!

Just as you would at home, try and avoid single use plastic.

  • Invest in a metal flask for your drinking water
  • Store foods in stainless steel containers – they’ll be lighter than glass jars.
  • Use reusable wax paper to wrap leftovers or picnics in, rather than cling film or foil.
  • Use eco-friendly tableware. OLPRO Husk plates, cups and storage sets are made from rice husk which is an agricultural waste. This tableware is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Other alternatives to plastic would be bamboo or recyclable stainless steel.
  • Colapz make collapsible products like water dispensers, portable showers, tableware and storage containers made from eco-friendly materials, and produce a smaller carbon footprint because they take up less space when being distributed.
  • Avoid buying food wrapped in plastic by shopping at local markets and farm shops.
  • Bring frozen meat from home – it’ll keep other food items cold, and you can eat it once it’s thawed.


Rather than using harsh chemicals to clean your caravan or motorhome, try a non-toxic alternative. Companies like Sleek Clean Care provide a range of eco-friendly cleaning products which provide powerful cleaning whilst being biodegradable and not tested on animals. Even the container it comes in is recycled.

Remove the need for toilet chemicals and install a SOG Toilet. A low powered extraction fan draws air to seal off odours and filters them via a charcoal filter to the outside of the caravan. The naturally treated waste has far less smell when emptying the cassette.

Eco-Friendly Caravan Sites

The David Bellamy Conservation Awards program recognises caravan sites which do their best to minimise their impact on the environment. These sites encourage wildlife, reduce their energy and water consumption, reduce and recycle the waste they produce and support their local communities. Find an eco-friendly caravan site here.

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