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Why choose a CaSSOA accredited storage site for your caravan?

Excellent Levels of Security

A CaSSOA storage site gives you total peace of mind by minimising security risks to your caravan with features including full perimeter fencing, lockable gates, CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site.

All our caravan storage sites have achieved their CaSSOA accreditation from an individual site survey and have been awarded either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze status dependent upon the security features in place at the site.

Insurance claim data shows that caravans and motorhomes are more vulnerable to theft when kept at home, so it makes sense to protect your holiday lifestyle and find a CaSSOA secure storage location.

Four Levels of Accreditation

CaSSOA accreditation is based on the assessment of a number of factors. These include site security (perimeter fencing, access control, exit/entry system, CCTV, alarms, fire protection) and on-site facilities. Accreditation is based on points, and assessed by an independent risk surveyor. Each category will attract points, and the more points received, the higher the award level attained.

  • The Bronze Award is our entry level award. The site must meet our minimum security requirements, including perimeter protection and lockable gates.
  • The Silver Award is a step up in security, as well as having the standard security measures in place, a silver accredited site has enhanced security in place such as CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site.
  • The Gold Award is the highest award which can be achieved/ With these sites providing the highest levels of security you could expect to find BS Standard security features, comprehensive CCTV and alarm systems, and externally monitored systems.
  • The Platinum Award is the highest level awarded to CaSSOA sites and demonstrates superior levels of security including BS Standard protection, externally monitored systems, asset tagging and full CCTV coverage.
Insurance Premium Discounts

Due to our commitment to reducing caravan thefts, many insurance companies will offer a discounted premium for a caravan stored on a secure CaSSOA storage site.

UK Wide Coverage

With CaSSOA storage locations nationwide, we have a wide range of accredited caravan storage sites to choose from, so you won’t have to travel far to find your nearest site.

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