Caravan Storage Manager – Site Management Software

CaSSOA is pleased be working in partnership with Station Software, provider of Caravan Storage Manager IT software.

Storage Manager has been developed to help you manage all aspects of your Caravan Storage site. The software caters for Caravan and Motorhome storage as well as Container and Self-Storage units.

Storage Manager records all details of customers, storage details, insurance details, invoices, reminders and many other details to help you run your site as efficiently as possible.

Storage Manager integrates with Paxton Net2 Access Controls Systems, Xero Accounts and CCTV systems, to create a seamless central hub to work with.

The main features of Storage Manager include:

  • Graphical representation of your site with all plots and units, with up to 6 storage areas. Created with a drag & drop site designer, it is easy to expand and edit the layout.
  • Customer, storage, insurance and payment details stored for each plot.
  • At a glance see who has not paid or whose insurance has expired
  • Detailed History for each customer, attach documents and images.
  • Caravan CRiS number check
  • Create contracts and invoices that include your logo and CaSSOA Award Status (if applicable)
  • Invoices created and emailed to customers automatically.
  • Forms Integration - Allow customers to submit insurance documents and personal details securely, updating their records automatically.
  • Xero Accounts integration lets you create invoices, track and collect payments.
  • Integration with Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems. Shows live movements, alarms and status. The software allows automatic updating of the Paxton Net2 Sofware without entering data twice. Add access tokens/cards/pins and update customers access levels.
  • For added security, SecureSite extends the Paxton Net2 Integration to track and prevent unauthorised movement of vehicles by sounding an alarm, locking the gates and notifying site owners by SMS.
  • Daily backups to a local drive and cloud for added security.
  • Unlimited support and training

Storage Manager is continuously refined based on valuable feedback from customers.

Station Software, with over 30 years experience, specialises in custom designed or ‘bespoke’ programs and database design for small businesses. When designing a program, they will look at how your business works, listen to your needs and design a system that is specific to you.

More information can be found on the website

Storage Manager Software

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