Caravan Security Devices & Your Insurance

Whether you’re sticking close to home or travelling on the road trip of a lifetime, fitting the proper security devices to your campervan is the best way to ensure your safety. But not only do security devices play a crucial role in maintaining your safety, but they can also have a direct impact on your caravan or campervan insurance. Many insurers advise that security options should be added to your touring vehicle, but what do these additions do in terms of your insurance? In some cases, it can have a positive impact on the price you pay.

Read on to discover more about security devices and the ways they can impact the price you pay for your leisure vehicle insurance when it comes time for renewal.

Locking Devices & Clamps

The most basic and classic of security devices, security locks are a common measure that many caravan and campervan owners use to avoid their vehicle being broken into or stolen when left alone. Either when travelling or on the front drive, these locking systems are just as effective either way to ensure your contents are left secure, and your tourer is kept safe. There are many different forms of locks and clamps available on the market, including:

Steering Wheel Locks

This classic method applies to campervans and motorhomes in the same way it applies to other on-road vehicles such as cars and vans. Typically, a steering wheel lock is placed over the wheel of the vehicle, preventing the theft of the vehicle without the ability to unlock. Some campervans now come with this feature built-in, though it depends on the exact model.

Ground Anchors

A form of lock traditionally used for both caravans and campervans, these anchors all for the secure fixing of the vehicle to the floor. This method is particularly useful for times when your tourer is left at home, whether you’re at work or going on a trip abroad without it. It ensures the vehicle cannot be driven away using specialised clamps that are incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Security Posts

caravan hitch post
Caravan Security Post

A measure often used in commercial and retail car parks, security posts can be an excellent way to prevent a caravan or campervan from being stolen; by literally blocking the exit route. In the majority of cases, a removable post can be locked upright in front of a vehicle to prevent the caravan or campervan from getting past if stolen. These posts may be more costly as their required cementing to be useful, but they can be a highly valuable tool to prevent theft.

So, what is the benefit of installing locking security measures? Beyond the obvious, the reduced risk or chance of theft, using these additional security tools can reduce the price of insurance. Some insurance companies will provide a discount for leisure vehicles that are kept in a safer location, thanks to that same reduced risk.

Immobilisers & Alarms

As with any other on-road vehicle, from trucks to cars, the use of inbuilt alarms in caravans and motorhomes is a necessary feature that comes as standard with many of the more modern models available on the market. But it’s possible to do even more to prevent break-ins and theft by announcing the presence of an alarm system, via a visible device or using well-placed stickers. These can be as much of a deterrent as the alarm itself. These are the options typically available to leisure vehicle owners:


Many tourers come with alarms as standard. As with a house alarm, these are designed to trigger if an intruder accesses the vehicle. In some cases, these alarms can be linked directly into a security company for added safety. In others and more standard models, these alarms make a great deal of noise to draw attention to potential theft.


Again, like any other form of on-road vehicle, caravans and campervans often include an immobiliser device. This security tool prevents thefts should the worst happen by not allowing the vehicle to be driven unless it is unlocked first. Some modern vehicles include this as standard, while older models may require a physical immobiliser that is directly fixed to the wheels. It’s worth confirming if your caravan or motorhome includes the less physically demanding method when you purchase it, as it is a valuable feature to have.

As with the security locks and clamps mentioned above, the inclusion of a high-quality alarm and immobiliser – either included with your vehicle or added as extras – can bring down the overall cost of insurance. As these features are significant deterrents to theft, they make your vehicle less high-risk, and therefore your insurance quotes cheaper.

Other security options

In addition to alarms, immobilisers and locks, modern caravans and campervans can come with, or be equipped with, a whole host of different security devices to further reduce the cost of your insurance. Here are just a few of the additional security options that could be installed for safety, security and insurance reduction:

Tracking devices

Tracking devices are an increasingly common option for both caravans and campervans, with some insurers now offering a discount on insurance when recommended tracking devices are installed within the vehicle. These devices are not visible, discrete and easy to use, often allowing tracking either through a security company or smartphone. Should your vehicle be stolen, it vastly improves the chances of recovery – which is why it can be a great way to get a discount on your campervan insurance.


A less common but increasingly popular addition to motorhomes and campervans, dashcams are a vital evidence tool for insurance companies. As such, it makes sense that installing both front-facing and rear dashcams within a campervan can sometimes reduce your insurance costs, especially when it comes to being on the road for days or weeks at a time.

Choosing the best insurance for you

Picking the best campervan or caravan insurance for you means ensuring that it does everything you want it to do. But equally, you want to pick an insurance that puts your safety, and that of your vehicle, first.

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