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How do underwriters rate your touring caravan?

If you are buying a touring caravan this year or when the renewal of your caravan insurance comes around, you might be asking yourself how underwriters rate your particular make and model to arrive at the premium you are charged.

Some of the considerations insurers are likely to take into account include the following:

The make and model of your touring caravan

Underwriters have access to copious data on the relative costs of repairing or replacing touring caravans of different makes and models since this is clearly a relevant cost to them in the event of you making a claim. The more expensive your caravan type, typically the more your caravan insurance will cost you.

The age and value of the caravan

Very similar reasons to the above make the age and value of your touring caravan relevant to underwriters, who need to calculate the likely cost in replacing it or writing it off in the event of a total loss.

Your postcode

Insurers calculate the likelihood of theft or vandalism of your touring caravan with reference to the postcode of your address, as some areas are more vulnerable than others. Although it relates to motor insurance, the AA has published a list of postcodes ranked by insurers from the cheapest to the most expensive areas.

Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS)

Underwriters need to know whether your particular make and model is registered with the Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS).

It is a requirement for all recently manufactured UK makes and provides a kind of “log book” for caravans, identifying current and previous owners, whether it has been stolen or previously written off, and if there is outstanding finance on it.


Underwriters also take into account whether you intend to use your touring caravan in the UK only or also plan to take it abroad. This may have a bearing on how often you plan to use it – insuring your caravan for the occasional outing each year might cost less than your avid use of it on frequent touring holidays.

Where is your caravan stored?

Some underwriters also give you credit for improving the security of your caravan when it is at its most vulnerable, out of season or when it is otherwise laid up and not in use.

For example, caravan insurance specialists Cover4Caravans, have worked with underwriters to offer up to a 15% discount on the cost of touring caravan insurance for ‘vans stored at a site registered by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA).

The next time you ponder how underwriters might have assessed the amount of insurance premium you need to pay, these are just some of the considerations likely to have been taken into account.

To locate a CaSSOA caravan storage site, click here.

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