Caravan Gadgets & Tech

The nation’s inventors have been busy and there is now a new wave of caravanning-related gadgetry that’s been designed to catch our eye.

We’re certainly not claiming to endorse any of these or saying that we’ve tested them personally. But here is a quick run down of just a few that have caught our attention recently!

Video recorder sunglasses

This brilliant idea that comes from individuals not wanting to miss any video worthy moments because their hands are full (e.g. cycling).

They look like ordinary and actually very sporty sunglasses but they contain a built-in video recorder. They could be useful at times but then again, do you want to see your partner’s efforts to reverse the caravan recorded for posterity?

Bubble tents


These are effectively large plastic transparent bubbles which can be inflated and which have some camping-type accommodation inside. The idea is that you can sit in it at night and watch the stars in comfort, perhaps protected from that chilly draught.

WIFI Boosters

True, these aren’t exactly brand new but today they’re much smaller and using 4G – much more reliable.

You can now just switch them on and all your connected gadgets will have a local network and boosted internet access (assuming there is a 4G service in the area).

The Boatbox

Now we thought this was really ‘neat’. It basically involves turning your roof rack, once emptied, into a small boat by joining the top and bottom together and using a small flotation bag.

Absolutely ingenious though as always, do make sure you’re careful when enjoying water sports.

The Solar Panel Bag

This is clever – to a point.

Access the internet on the move with a Solar Backpack.
Access the internet on the move with a Solar Backpack.

It consists of small, lightweight and flexible solar panels that are sewn into the back of your rucksack. The idea is that as you hike, you can be charging up several devices at the same time and all for free.

The “to a point” kicks in here though. Once you admit to having one of these, you’re going to end up carrying everyone’s mobile, tablet and laptop devices for charging. There goes all that space for water and food and your back muscles of course!

Caravan Expanders

These aren’t entirely a new idea either but today’s models are super-slick and very well designed.

Extending Caravan - Beauer Caravan
Extend your caravan space.

There are all sorts of variations here including some that expand telescopically from inside your caravan shell meaning you add more space instantly.  Be sure that things such as this will be covered by your caravan insurance though

Giant towel-sized wet wipes

However brilliantly equipped many camping sites are, some are rather more rudimentary.

So, if you’re disappointed by the shower facilities, you might welcome the new near bath towel sized wet wipes.  They just might help make you just a little bit easier to live with in the caravan and car – until you reach a decent shower block!

Pocket blankets

These are really great. About the same size as a small pack of crisps, they unfold into a huge and very tough nylon ground sheet. It’s ideal for picnics and the like.

What will they think of next?

In case you missed it..

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