Caravan Fire Safety with Fire Safety Stick

Fire Safety STick

Whilst it may not be your first thought when heading away in your caravan, fire safety is really important. And when space and weight is of the essence, a Fire Safety Stick is the ideal product to take away with you in your caravan or motorhome, to help in the event of fire.

The Fire Safety Stick is a new, highly versatile, innovative fire extinguisher. It’s ideal in all applications but is particularly well suited for all caravans, campers, motorhomes and even for park and leisure homes.

Its fully certificated for all major classes of fires (Classes A, B, C, Electrical and even F – which is cooking oils and fats, so it can also replace fire blankets). Therefore, there is no dangerous gambling about using the wrong type of extinguisher. Other extinguishers will only work on less types of classifications. The Fire Safety Stick is CE and UKCA marked.

Fire Safety Stick Information Leaflet

It is incredibly light and compact – perfect for when space and weight is crucial. Weighing from just 215g, with over 50 seconds discharge time, compared to a typical powder extinguisher which weighs at least 2¼kg with only a 7 second discharge. Lifespan is 15yrs, triple that of other extinguishers and needs no servicing at all – therefore it actually works out much cheaper than your existing fire extinguisher. Unlike most other extinguishers, it safe for use inside the van and leaves no damaging mess at all. If fact we have had examples of users dealing an engine fire and having quickly extinguished it with the Fire Safety Stick, have been able to continue to drive the vehicle! In fact, because of its many advantages it is now used by several teams with Formula 1. It is perfectly safe for humans and animals alike, and it does not harm the environment at all.

Another big advantage over traditional extinguishers, is that you can activate it, and leave it the confined space, while you get out to safety, it will still continue to repress the fire in your absence. For further details including many case studies and videos of it in action, please visit our website –

fire safety stick

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