Top Caravan Blogs

Here at CaSSOA we are always looking to be inspired and love to read about other people’s experiences of caravan life.

This blog simply outlines some of our favourites, if you do have any suggestions for us however, please send them straight across!

In Pursuit of a Dream
Deb and Steve decided they needed to upgrade their camping holidays in 2014 and are now seasoned caravanners, travelling around the UK and Europe. As well as detailing trips across Italy, Spain, France, Germany and of course the UK, In Pursuit of a Dream includes really useful advice on winter caravanning, campsite cooking and product reviews. Updated regularly, this is a must read for all caravanners.
Tin Box Traveller
Claire’s blog is an award winning family travel blog which features a range of holiday inspiration as well as invaluable travel tips and ideas for days out with kids. As the name suggests, Claire is a big fan of caravanning so there are plenty of site reviews and advice on how to survive road trips with a young family. We particularly love how Claire refers to the rest of the family; Mr Tin Box, Tin Box Tot, Tin Box Baby and Tin Box Dog!
Get Your Legs Down
It all started 20 years ago when @legsdown started writing home to his parents on a trip to Australia. A blog then followed on a trip to Egypt in 2009. Richard has now been caravanning since 2012 and chronicles all his trips, including an epic 3-month trip around the UK, product reviews and a wealth of other caravanning advice and tips.  And finally, we couldn’t not mention the ‘Pubs’ section – a must read for any ale lover – which is a rundown of where to get a decent pint within walking distance of a caravan site.
Caravan Chronicles
Caravan Chronicles was started in January 2012 about 6 months after Simon & Sue bought their first caravan. They initially thought it’d just be a simple blog about learning to caravan. However, after writing a post about towing, the blog became massively popular and nowfeatures ‘How To’ guides, equipment reviews and posts about their travels around the UK and Europe.
Our Life in a Caravan
Jools Mauro lives in a caravan full time, and blogs about what to do and how to do it. With posts about how to check for damp, to dealing with post, caravan security and even Cossack Beard Oil, Jools’ blog is a great read.
The Trudgians
The Trudgians are a Wiltshire based family who have recently embarked on the great caravan adventure. Their blog is full of useful reviews, and details of their trips. Their YouTube channel is also worth a visit.
Caravan Vlogger
Graham Bell, aka Caravan Vlogger has a host of useful information and content on his website, and over on his YouTube channel. From beginners tips to site reviews and opinions on caravanning products, this blog is a great all rounder.

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