Security tips for caravan storage site operators

Here's a quick reminder of the key security issues you should be looking at to ensure good site security:

  • Your first action should be to contact your local authority and enquire about planning permission.
  • It is key to establish secure perimeter protection. Palisade or welded mesh fencing are good options to explore.
  • A single entry/exit system will limit the number of vulnerable access points on site, construct the gate(s) of the same material as the fence to provide maximum security. Manual swing gate(s) should be single leaf by design.
  • Where manual gate(s) are installed, make sure you purchase a sturdy padlock as there is little point in having one at all if it isn’t appropriate for the job.
  • CCTV is an excellent deterrent to criminals and should be an essential part of any crime prevention strategy. If you do opt to have CCTV installed it should cover the entry/exit points as well as any other vulnerable points on your site. Dummy systems are not advised.
  • Security lighting is also an important feature. It should be tested in all natural lighting conditions, particularly in darkness as this is when its performance is key. It should focus on the entry/exit systems as well as other vulnerable areas of your site.
  • The layout of your site should be carefully considered as this can dramatically reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your site. Try to minimise the storage of caravans in poorly lit or secluded areas. The layout of your site should complement the security features you have on site.
  • Create an effective management system to audit all site movements.

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