Membership terms and conditions

The following document outlines CaSSOA’s responsibilities and membership obligations. CaSSOA aims to promote the highest standards of conduct and service. In joining CaSSOA, all members must agree to abide by the Rules. Members re-affirm their commitment to the Rules through the annual renewal of their membership.

1.0 NAME

1.1 The name of the Association is the CARAVAN STORAGE SITE OWNERS ASSOCIATION (“CaSSOA”).


2.1 The objects of CaSSOA are to promote, advance and safeguard the interests of CaSSOA and of its members.


3.1 CaSSOA is a proprietary club, the proprietor being Caravan Security Storage Limited, a private limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 3699697 (the “Proprietor”).

3.2 The Proprietor is responsible for providing CaSSOA with all of the facilities necessary in order to enable it to carry on its activities in accordance with its objects and these Rules.

3.3 The members of CaSSOA are under no financial liability by reason of their membership of CaSSOA, save for payment of the annual membership fee in accordance with these Rules.


4.1 In these Rules:

4.1.1 references to a “caravan” shall include motorhomes and five-wheel trailers.

4.1.2 references to a “person” shall include partnerships and companies and/or other organisations.

4.1.3 references to one gender shall include masculine, feminine and neutral and where   appropriate references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

4.1.4 the headings are for ease of reference only and are not to be taken into account in their interpretation of these Rules.


5.1 Any person who owns and operates a caravan storage facility in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and who satisfies the membership eligibility criteria prescribed by the Proprietor from time to time, including the minimum site security standards, shall be eligible for full membership of CaSSOA.

5.2 The Proprietor may from time to time create classes of associate membership, the conditions of which shall be laid down in conditions of membership which may be made, varied or revoked by the Proprietor at any time.

5.3 All applications for membership shall be in the form prescribed by the Proprietor from time to time.

5.4 Acceptance for membership shall be subject to the applicant meeting the membership eligibility criteria and a satisfactory site survey which will be carried out by or under the supervision of an appointed Site Inspector as soon as practicable following receipt of a duly completed application form and payment by the applicant of a non-returnable survey fee. Acceptance of any application for membership shall in any event be at the discretion of the Proprietor.

5.4.1 All survey balances must be settled prior to the surveyor’s attendance on site, unless agreed otherwise by The Proprietor.

5.5 Initial membership of CaSSOA shall run from the date that the applicant is accepted for membership by the Proprietor and shall run until 31st December following that date. Renewal membership of CaSSOA shall run from 1st January to 31st December in each calendar year, subject to the member paying the annual membership fee and continuing to meet the membership eligibility criteria.

5.6 Following a new site survey the Proprietor may at their discretion allow a period of up to six months for a storage site to implement any improvements recommended by the appointed Site Inspector. Unless the Proprietor deems a new survey is necessary photographic evidence will be accepted in lieu of a site visit and an accreditation status will be awarded on that basis.

5.7 CaSSOA membership will not be confirmed until the initial membership balance is cleared.

5.8 The joining fee (if any), the site survey fee and the annual membership fee for each class of membership shall be determined by the Proprietor from time to time.

5.9 Membership fees shall be due and payable upon acceptance as a member and subsequently on the 1st January in each year or upon such other date as the Proprietor may in its discretion decide. The Proprietor may decide that initial membership fees shall be payable pro rata the full annual membership fee in respect of the period from the date of acceptance as a member until the 31st December in the year of acceptance.

5.10 When any person or organisation has been accepted for membership and has paid the initial or renewal membership fee, they shall become a member of CaSSOA and entitled to all the privileges of membership attaching to the class of membership for which they have been accepted and shall be bound by these Rules.

5.11 The Proprietor shall be entitled to arrange site surveys of members’ caravan storage sites once in every 5 years or at such other time if the Proprietor deems a re-survey necessary, such survey shall be at the expense of the site owner, and the Proprietor may downgrade the accreditation level or terminate the membership of any member if, following such survey, the Proprietor is not satisfied that the site fully complies with the proprietor’s minimum security standards.

5.11.1 Following a site survey where a storage site no longer meets the criteria for the member’s current accreditation status the Proprietor may at their discretion allow a period of up to six months for a storage site to implement any improvements recommended by the appointed Site Inspector before downgrading the membership of the storage site. Unless the Proprietor deems a new survey necessary photographic evidence will be accepted in lieu of a site visit and an accreditation status will be awarded on that basis.

5.12 The Proprietor may terminate the membership of any member whose membership fee is more than 30 days in arrears.

5.13 Upon renewal every member shall be obliged to deliver to the Proprietor a certificate, the form and content of which shall be determined by the Proprietor, confirming that the member continues to meet the membership eligibility criteria.

5.14 Website entries are to be fully maintained by individual members. CaSSOA cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. This includes but is not limited to prices, contact information or descriptive text.

5.15 The Proprietor may, in any event, determine the membership of any member if for any reason the Proprietor is of the opinion that his continued membership is not in the best interests of CaSSOA or its members. The Proprietor shall have absolute discretion as regards the implementation of this Rule and shall not be under any obligation to give reasons for any decision taken by it in the exercise of that discretion.

5.16 The name of a member whose membership is terminated shall be removed from the list of members and they will immediately cease to be a member of CaSSOA and forfeit all rights of membership.

5.17 Following termination of membership for whatever reason, a former member shall forthwith and at their own expense: 

5.17.1 remove from their premises, websites, brochures and any other promotional material or other documents all and any trademarks, signs, logos, badges, flags, insignia or devices of any kind which bear the name or logo of CaSSOA or indicate that the former member is a member of, or has any connection with, CaSSOA.

5.17.2 return to the Proprietor any such items in physical form and any vouchers or other documents of any kind supplied to the former member by CaSSOA and all such items shall at all times remain the property of the Proprietor.

5.17.3 not hold themselves out as a member of CaSSOA.

5.18 Following termination of membership, any site wishing to re-join CaSSOA must re-apply as a new member unless agreed otherwise by the Proprietor.

5.19 In the event that a CaSSOA accredited storage site is taken over by new owners the Proprietor may require that the site undergo a site re-survey at the new owners’ cost.

5.20 CaSSOA shall not provide refunds for early termination of membership, unless otherwise agreed by the Proprietor.

5.21 Disclaimer: CaSSOA is not responsible and accepts no liability for any errors or omissions contained in any report prepared by the Site Inspector.


6.1 Every member of CaSSOA shall be entitled to use and enjoy all of the facilities and benefits provided by the Proprietor for CaSSOA according to the member’s class of membership and upon such terms and conditions as to payment or otherwise as the Proprietor may from time to time stipulate.

6.2 A member shall immediately notify CaSSOA of any change to the member’s contact or site details including any changes or alterations on site which might affect the members accreditation.

6.3 In order that CaSSOA may keep members updated in relation to issues that might affect the security of their site members are requested to immediately notify CaSSOA:

6.3.1 if the member experiences any criminal activity at his site including, but not limited to, thefts, burglaries or vandalism.

6.3.2 if the member experiences any natural peril including but not limited to storm damage or flooding or any kind with 30 days.

6.4 Every member of CaSSOA shall obtain and keep in place at all times adequate liability insurance.

6.5 It is recommended that every member of CaSSOA shall have a recognised Vermin Control System in place.


7.1 An Annual Meeting shall be held once each year on a date appointed by the Proprietor. All Members and Corporate Supporters shall be entitled at attend.

7.2 CaSSOA shall give not less than 30 days’ written notice of an Annual Meeting specifying the business to be transacted and the place and time of the meeting. The notice shall be deemed properly given if posted on the CaSSOA website.

7.3 CaSSOA shall keep full and accurate minutes of all proceedings of an Annual Meeting which shall be open to inspection by any member upon application to CaSSOA 


8.1 These Rules may be revoked, supplemented or varied by the Proprietor at any time.

8.2 Until revoked all regulations and guidelines shall, once published and circulated, be and remain binding on the members. Any such regulations and guidelines shall be deemed properly published and circulated to all members if posted on the CaSSOA website.


9.1 Any dispute or difference which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation of these Rules or of any conditions of membership, regulations or guidelines made or issued in accordance with these Rules shall be determined by the Proprietor, whose decision shall be final and binding on all members of CaSSOA.

9.2 Any complaint by a member may be made to the Proprietor in accordance with the Complaints Procedure published on the CaSSOA website from time to time and otherwise available from CaSSOA on request.


10.1 CaSSOA and Caravan Security Storage Ltd (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) as the Data Controller are committed to protecting and respecting privacy in accordance with the current Data Protection Legislation. Below is a summary of the main ways in We process members’ personal data, for more information please visit & Cookies

10.2 Members’ personal data will be used for the purposes of validating storage location, research & statistical purposes and, where We have consent, to provide members with information, products or services that are requested from Us or which We feel may be of interest. We also use data to meet Our general legal or regulatory obligations.

10.3 Members’ personal data may be disclosed to third parties involved in providing products or services to Us, these include Our group companies, partners & clients, accountants, regulatory authorities, and as may be required by law.

10.4 Members’ personal data may be transferred to destinations outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and, where this occurs, it will be treated securely and in accordance with the Legislation.

10.5 Members who have given consent have the right to withdraw consent and ask Us not to process personal data for marketing purposes. Members have the right to see a copy of the personal information We hold about you, to have data deleted (subject to certain exemptions), to have any inaccurate or misleading data corrected or deleted, to restrict processing, to ask Us to provide a copy of their data to any controller and to lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority.

10.6 Members’ personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary and will be managed in accordance with Our data retention policy. In most cases, the retention period will be for a period of seven years following the expiry of the business relationship, unless we are required to retain the data for a longer period due to business, legal or regulatory requirements.

10.7 Communications with members may be recorded and monitored by CaSSOA to improve its services, security and for regulatory purposes.