We offer 3 levels of accreditation for storage site owners: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Awards are accredited on a points earned basis, with Gold being the highest award that can be achieved.

CaSSOA accreditation is based on the assessment of a number of factors. These include site security (perimeter fencing, access control, exit/entry system, CCTV, alarms, fire protection) and on-site facilities. Accreditation is based on points, and assessed by an independent risk surveyor. Each category will attract points, and the more points received, the higher the award level attained.

Bronze CaSSOA Site


The Bronze accreditation is our entry level award. To achieve a bronze award, the site must meet our minimum security requirements, including perimeter protection and lockable gates. Most sites start here and quickly work their way up with the advice and guidance of our independent appointed surveyor.


Silver CaSSOA Storage Site


The Silver accreditation is a step up in security, as well as having the standard security measures in place, a silver accredited site has enhanced security in place such as CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site.


Gold CaSSOA Storage Site


The Gold accreditation is the highest award which can be achieved, with these sites providing the highest levels of security. Over 50% of our current members have obtained a Gold accreditation.



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