Following the Government update I would like to provide some clarity to CaSSOA site owners as to what is and isn't permitted in terms of access to caravans and caravan holidays. 

From 8th March, the overriding advice is to continue to stay at home. As is currently permitted, access to caravans/motorhomes to perform maintenance should be given. 

From 29th March the advice will be to minimise travel and not go on holiday. However, whilst you can remind your customers of this, it would be difficult to prevent them from taking their vehicle out should they decide to do so. Again, access should be given to perform maintenance. 

In Step 2, which will happen no earlier than 12 April, campsites will open provided that infection/vaccination data shows this is viable and safe. Customers should be given access to their vehicles. Social contact rules in England will not change further at this point so please maintain social distancing and make hand sanitiser available. 

HM Government Advice - Working safely during COVID-19 in construction and other outdoor work.

Covid-19 Secure Guidelines for Hospitality Businesses